Space Systems

Automated Precision Spacecraft

Intuitive Machines’ deep experience with Guidance Navigation and Control, Software Development, Avionics and Mechanical systems are brought together to build autonomous fully capable spacecraft, with the capability for precision guided re-entry and landing from Low Earth Orbit and beyond. These autonomous vehicles are able to initialize systems at power up, determine their location, calculate and target optimal deorbit opportunities and perform the propulsive maneuver for deorbit.

Precision guided re-entry and landing returning from Low Earth Orbit and beyond

Our return spacecraft use a lifting body design, combined with our unique entry guidance algorithm, to provide superior ability to manage energy and cross-range as they perform atmospheric flight. This application of our unique guidance algorithm allows for regular landing opportunities and a reduced entry g-load. A drogue and steerable parafoil are deployed to slow the vehicle and steer it to the desired landing site. Our vehicles perform all of this autonomously via our onboard Autonomous Flight Manager and brings our vehicles home from space in hours to a safe, precision landing.

At Intuitive Machines our development approach focuses on early integration of hardware and software to enable rapid early prototyping and testing. This approach speeds design development and minimizes iterations late in the design process. With this design philosophy we have been able to move from concept to first launch within 24 months.

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