Tiburon Junior™

Autonomous Drone Systems

Tiburon Junior™ is a fully autonomous fixed wing drone capable of flight times of 15 hours or more and operation beyond line of sight (BLOS). Our system includes everything you would need for field operations, i.e. one vehicle, digital camera sensor package, ground control station, catapult and net, crates for everything, and operations and maintenance manuals.

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Gather your far-field operation-critical imagery with our cost-effective and flexible drone systems.

Custom outfitting for extreme range (up to 40 hours), customer specified sensor packages (LIDAR, thermal, optical) or buildout of integrated operations trailers/vehicles are available at customer request and priced separately. Spares kits and training are also priced upon request. We can train your crew locally here in Houston or at your base of operations if that’s more convenient.

We’ve targeted Tiburon Junior ™ to serve the commercial/civil markets needing US military Group 2 UAS capabilities … but not at military prices. If you are looking for a cost-effective long-range aerial mapping, surveillance or detection platform, please contact us using the form below.

Key Features

  • 15+ hour flight duration
  • 18,000 foot ceiling
  • 300+ mile range
  • Dash speed of 80 knots
  • 5 to 20 lbs payload for sensors
  • Up to 600 watts power for payloads
  • 9 foot wing span
  • Catapult launch, net capture
  • Ground Control Station for BLOS

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