Fellows Program

Intuitive Machines seeks to understand the complexity of real world challenges which provoke advances in engineering and society. The Intuitive Machines Fellows Program is designed to bring the intellectual firepower of academia into the sphere of influence of Intuitive Machines.

The Fellows Program is an association of university professors working in areas of interest to Intuitive Machines providing an avenue for innovative solutions to address current and future challenges. Our intention is to develop collaborative relationships with key players in academia to focus their energies on global challenges aligned with our vision. The program is structured to foster collaborations among and between the academic members, their students and Intuitive Machines.

Our economics are driven by providing intuitive engineering solutions – True innovation demands an open environment in which to pursue orthogonal ideas.

We will be the best in the world at creating intelligent machine solutions that serve the human race — Academic alliances provide access to future engineers that will spark revolutionary ideas for this world.

Our passion is to create intuitive engineering solutions — Academic partnerships have paved the way for many of our nation’s greatest achievements.

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We value deep expertise which lends itself to intuition. New education research shows that there is a neurobiological explanation for how experience-based knowledge is created. It is based on experience and is something that experts in many fields possess. It is with this idea of intuition from practical experience that “Intuitive Machines” was formed; from deep experience in large complex space systems development.  The people of Intuitive Machines blend deep technical knowledge with practices honed over 40 years of human spaceflight; practices in risk-based decision-making, redundancy management, fault tolerance and isolation, safety, reliability, maintainability, verification testing, and operations.

 When people see you as contagious, addictive, exhilarating, patient, persistent, fast moving, humble, supremely confident, demanding, wise, trusting, skeptical, competitive, collaborative, imaginative, methodical, complex and simple...

. . . exceed their expectations. 
Steve Altemus
Scott Arndt, Development Engineer

We are a growing company seeking top engineers, scientists, support personnel, and other professionals who share in our passion for bringing innovative solutions into reality. Intuitive Machines was founded on the idea of applying diverse thinking to challenging problems across seemingly disconnected industries. Our primary product lines affect the machines of Aerospace, Medicine, and Energy Industries. As a company, Intuitive Machines improves on the nervous system of the machines across these sectors. We do this by creating or enhancing the control functions and sensory perception of these machines; from sensing and analyzing the world around them to autonomously controlling their movements and interactions.

Dr. Tim Crain, VP of Research & Development

Our general hiring criteria is as follows:

  • individuals who are passionate in their fields
  • experts who seek out innovative solutions
  • work in a lean engineering development environment

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Intuitive Machines is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and comprehensive health benefits.