Product Domains

By leveraging state-of-the-art engineering tools and practices, integrated with current research and advanced technologies we arrive at original outcomes. We improve on the equivalent of machine nervous systems, brain control functions, and sensory perception; from sensing and analyzing the world around them to autonomously controlling their movements and interactions. We connect machines to humans through smart data display and control interfaces making both operator action and machine performance more intuitive. Our engineers optimize solutions by integrating mechanical design, robust electronic packaging and software development for real world applications.

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Intuitive Machines specializes in the following product domains:

We leverage our expertise to specialize in safe and reliable software implementations from end-to-end of the development and deployment process. Our software solutions start from designing the architecture, algorithm development, and implementing source code for high-level applications and lower-level embedded systems. Our systems’ capabilities include I/O and precision timing, fault detection, isolation and recovery, and integrated systems health management. These architectures can be used across sectors in aerospace and aeronautics test beds, medical instrumentation controllers, and oil-field embedded sensor solutions.

We specialize in high reliability electronics, advanced power management, communications, and extreme conditions testing and qualification. Our electronic and power system solutions are being studied and tested for implementation in a variety of applications including cutting edge medical devices, oil-well down-hole sensor solutions, unmanned vehicle designs, and universal smart data acquisition systems.

We provide the systems insight and feedback control that are essential to the functionality and operability of today’s complex equipment and machines. Our aerospace navigation background provides a framework for data fusion to extract knowledge of the state of dynamic systems with varied, noisy, and sporadic sensory input. This knowledge is the prerequisite for our system monitoring and feedback control solutions which achieve a high degree of precision in dynamic environments. Intuitive Machines has the capability to develop control systems with applications spanning industrial systems operating at multiple sites, high speed autonomous aerospace systems, and safe precise control of medical treatment devices. Recognizing that every application is unique, Intuitive Machines follows a supervisory control paradigm where the blend of automation and human interaction is optimized for the customer's needs.

Visualizing complex data streams dramatically improves the effectiveness of the user and system. Intuitive Machines has in-depth expertise in merging multiple data streams from different sensory devices and using additional existing data infused into applications. By integrating multiple data streams and using our data synthesis strategies we are able to build a systematic view of entire system health and performance and provide situational awareness, making the operator more effective, efficient, improving the safety and reliability of operations, reducing training time, and increasing work productivity.

Using a wide array of tools at our disposal, Intuitive Machines has the ability to bring the machine perception directly to the user’s hands. Our team has experience integrating multiple sensors into embedded systems using a flexible software architecture that can be adapted to both diagnostic and operational instrumentation. Previous sensing experience includes work with optical, laser, inertial, and electromagnetic devices used in real-time data acquisition systems. These systems in turn can be hosted on a variety of platforms including unmanned vehicles, satellites, down-hole drilling applications, and static ground stations.

We bring a focused application of big data synthesis to our customers needs, creating a new holistic view and understanding of the system in ways not possible through evaluation of individual data sources. We derive complex system knowledge through simulation and modeling, filtering and optimization, and extracting meaningful emergent correlations hidden in large data sets. Our engineers provide algorithms and analysis products utilizing both traditional calculus based techniques as well as cutting edge machine learning methodologies. Massive data set simulation expertise and tailored multi-physics computational models informs our generation of algorithms and analysis for complex, time-varying systems. Using a spectrum of classical and modern analysis tools lets intuitive machines approach customer's intractable problems from multiple directions.

In our turn-key integrated systems, Intuitive Machines brings the complete system package, including not only the specific subsystem solutions but a fully functional system ready for operational use. By combining our software and hardware expertise in new ways we are able to bring previously unachievable solutions to the realm of possibility, such as in our intelligent cockpit developments combining multiple data stream synthesis and electronic procedures with human in the loop control; to fully operational unmanned vehicles and satellites with ready-to-fly sensor packages.

Industry Sectors


The global aerospace market is in a transitional period with increased engagement from private industry in space exploration and the increased use of automation in both aviation and space exploration. Intuitive Machines actively looks to engage in both areas and maintain ties with colleagues in the NASA and Department of Defense. The Intuitive Machines’ leadership has long working relationships across the entire aerospace leadership in both government and industry. Commercial space transportation and exploration are domains that our skill sets are uniquely positioned to assist in overcoming both technical and regulatory hurdles.


Known as the “Energy Capital of the World”, Houston is the home to the Energy Corridor of the country. A hub for energy commerce, research, and production, the city hosts the largest energy companies in the world. The economic development cluster encompasses work from early oil and gas exploration to production and distribution of resources. Intuitive machines is engaging this vibrant sector by applying our NASA honed techniques and safety standards towards improving production efficiency and data synthesis. We are able to bring our experience of working in extreme environments and integrate the complex requirements with direct human in the loop operations.

Adjacent Sectors

While our primary focus is in the Aerospace, Energy and Medical sectors, at Intuitive Machines, we are continually discovering applications that cross and connect adjacent industries through the practice of engineering.